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Things to remember

Bureaucracy is what often gives students a headache. Unfortunately, we are unable to skip bureaucracy, but we can avoid a lot of potential misunderstandings and accelerate part of the procedures. Below is some practical guidance which you may find helpful, not only at the University.

1. Good application

An application should contain at least specification of the submitting person, their address and request, as well as comply with other requirements defined in detailed provisions – a good application is the key to success. On the other hand, a badly written application may be left unconsidered.

First of all, an application must be signed by the person involved. It is also important to specify the addressee of the letter precisely. Students usually address their letters to the relevant Dean for Student Affairs/Education or Degree Programme Director (the information is usually available on the websites of the above-mentioned faculties).

Precise specification of the letter addressee may reduce the period of waiting for consideration of an application. It is also very important for each application to be well-grounded.

2. Take your confirmation

Every public administration body is obliged to confirm that the application has been submitted upon the applicant’s request. It is worth asking in the Dean’s Office for a stamp with the date confirming the submission of documents. Thanks to this, the student is able to prove, for example, that the application for allowance was submitted in due time.

3. Think in advance

An application should be considered without unnecessary delay, however, not later than within one month. If the application cannot be considered within this date, the administration body shall notify the applicant about the activities undertaken in order to consider the application, and about the expected date when the application has been considered.

For example, if you are planning to submit an application for the transfer of collected ECTS points (transfer of credits), it is reasonable to think about it in advance, because the administration body processing your letter may keep it for even up to one month. If this happens, the student submitting the above-mentioned letter during a retake session will have to submit another request for extension of the examination session and wait for another one month to have it processed… and this is how the vicious circle begins.

4. Appeals and instances

Based on the Rules and Regulations of studies at the University of Silesia, students can appeal to the Rector against the decisions taken in their cases. If the Dean, regarded as the first instance body, refuses your application, not all is lost yet! The student is entitled to submit an appeal. The letter of request to reconsider the case should be addressed to Dr Katarzyna Trynda, Professor of the University of Silesia, Vice-Rector for Education and Students. The appeal should be submitted within 14 days from the receipt of the decision.

How to report your case

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