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Additional recruitment for studies – free study places

22.07.2023 - 06:57 update 25.07.2023 - 08:47
Editors: MG, Dział Kształcenia

Online Application System (IRK)

Additional recruitment for studies begins on 1 August.

The August recruitment for studies runs in the same way as the first recruitment.

The difference is that this recruitment is conducted only for the study programmes that have not been completely filled up during the first recruitment. Additional recruitment will not be carried out for the study programmes in which the limit of available places has been exhausted.

Framework dates for the additional recruitment: 

  • Online Application System (IRK) registration start date: August 2023;
  • Online Application System (IRK) registration end date: 11 October 2023;
  • Recruitment fee payment deadline: 11 October 2023;
  • Deadline for entering scanned certificates in Online Application System (IRK) if there are no results from KReM (National Register of Matura Exams): 11 October 2023;
  • Announcement of recruitment results: from 18 October 2023;
  • Acceptance of candidate documents: from 19 October 2023;

The precise dates of registration in Online Application System (IRK), announcement of results and acceptance of documents have been included in the Online Application System catalogue for each study programme separately.

The list of study programmes offered in additional recruitment will be updated on an ongoing basis and made available in Online Application System.

Currently open registration in first and additional recruitment:

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