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Counselling and coaching

If you are thinking about your future after graduation, looking for good practice or a job, you are not sure what career path you want to follow, or you do not know how to achieve your goal, then meeting with a career counsellor or career coach is for you.

Career counselling

What is career counselling?

This is a meeting or series of meetings during which you will receive information, tips and advice on the situation on the labour market, prospects after completing your field of study, opportunities to take up employment while studying or undergoing internships.

What do you gain?

Thanks to the information obtained during the counselling meeting you will be able to broaden your knowledge about what you can expect when entering the labour market and how to manage your career. Remember that the support provided by the counsellor is to allow you to acquire greater competence, while all decisions are yours!

What can you expect?

CV counselling: Do you want to learn how to write a CV correctly? Make an appointment for a counselling session and learn the secrets of a well-structured professional résumé – it’s best if you bring with you a document that you want to work on improving!

Diagnosis of professional predispositions and competences: If you want to determine in which areas you show potential and at what level you display the competences required in a given profession, complete the online tests offered in our office and discuss their results with a counsellor.

Individual action plan: Each counselling process is different. Our counsellors, taking into account your needs, will develop an action plan with you – after defining the goal, we will choose the best path to help you achieve your objectives!

Preparation for the interview: Do you have a job interview but you don’t know how to handle it? Together with our counsellor, discuss the most frequently asked questions by recruiters and learn techniques of stress reduction and effective self-presentation.

Trial interview: In our Career Office you can also have a trial interview, during which our counsellor will play the role of a recruiter from the company you would like to work for. After the staged conversation you will receive comprehensive feedback on your performance.

Career coaching

What is career coaching?

Coaching is a process consisting of several sessions the purpose of which is to prepare you for the change in your educational and professional life, support in making professional decisions, development of competence of self-awareness and the ability to manage your life consciously.

What do you gain?

  • knowledge about yourself, on your strengths and weaknesses, on how you react in certain situations, what supports you in your plans and what cuts your wings;
  • the ability to change what does not suit you, what disturbs you and hinders your development;
  • ability to independently use coaching tools in your life.

What won’t you get?

Coaching is a process in which you are an expert, so you will not receive advice from the coach, you will certainly not be assessed in any way, the coach will not impose opinion on you. It is you who make decisions in this process.

Who is it for?

We invite you to coaching sessions:

  • students who have completed their first cycle studies;
  • first and second year students of second cycle studies;
  • fourth and fifth year students of long cycle studies.

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