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University of Silesia in Katowice

Doctoral School

Admission for the academic year 2020/2021

Admission to the Doctoral School for the academic year 2020/2021 takes place in the form of an open, international competition. The competition is divided into three areas that correspond to the areas of education at the Doctoral School:

The field of humanities, theology and the arts

The field of science and natural sciences, and engineering and technology

The field of social sciences

The competition is conducted by a recruitment commission appointed by the Rector.

The legal basis for the proceedings is Resolution No. 493/2020 of the Senate of the University of Silesia in Katowice of January 28, 2020 Admission rules to the Doctoral School regarding the rules and procedure of recruitment to the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice for the academic year 2020/2021. The following information is a selection of the most important recruitment conditions and and executive decisions of the above mentioned resolution.

Scientific disciplines Scientific disciplines

The Doctoral School admissions PhD students of all disciplines in which the University of Silesia is entiled to confer doctoral degrees. Admission takes place in accordance with the following areas:

  1. the field of humanities, theology and the arts, comprising the following disciplines:
    • philosophy,
    • history,
    • linguistics,
    • literary studies,
    • culture and religion studies,
    • theology,
    • film and theatre,
    • fine arts and art conservation;
  2. the field of science and natural sciences, and engineering and technology, comprising the following disciplines:
    • information and communication technology,
    • materials engineering,
    • mathematics,
    • biological sciences,
    • chemical sciences,
    • physical sciences,
    • Earth and related environmental sciences;
  3. the field of social sciences, comprising the following disciplines:
    • communication and media studies,
    • political science and public administration,
    • law,
    • sociology,
    • education,
    • psychology

In the admission procedure, the doctoral student indicates the discipline in which he wants to be educated. During the admissions procedure, the recruitment committee may decide to qualify the candidate to diffrent discipline than the one provided, if it has a clear substantive justification.

Admission limit Admission limit

Humanities, theology and art – 34 places.

Exact and natural sciences, as well as engineering and technical sciences – 33 places.

Social sciences – 33 places.

The specified limits are not internally divided into disciplines. The results of the proceedings determine the number of people admitted in a given discipline.

Admission schedule Admission schedule
  1. July 15, 2020: opening of the registration in the IRK system (https://irk.us.edu.pl/)
  2. August 5, 2020: closing of the registration in the IRK system in relation to:

1) the registration of new candidates;

2) paying the application fee (the date of transfer order is decisive);

3) uploading the documents referred to in § 5 section 1 items 1-3 and 5 of the resolution to which this document is attached.

  1. August 14, 2020: deadline for uploading the documents referred to in § 5 section 1 items 6-11 (the title and description of the project, personal data of a tutor, his/her opinion on the candidate, the list of academic achievements together with their confirmation).
  2. September 2, 2020: deadline to submit presentations for the interview (the presentation is compulsory in the area of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and in other areas allowed only in particularly justified cases).
  3. September 2, 2020: deadline for candidates to submit comments on the composition of the admission committee as described in § 4 section 10 of the resolution to which this document is attached.
  4. September 5, 2020: the latest date on which the admission committee informs candidates about the individual date of the interview.
  5. August 17, 2020: the latest date on which examiners’ names are to be published on the Doctoral School website.
  6. September 8-11, 2020: interviews with candidates (the number of days depends on the number of candidates in a given area).
  7. September 14, 2020 at 15:00: the deadline for delivering the document referred to in § 5 section 1 item 4 (the diploma or a certificate).
  8. September 15, 2020 at 12:00: the announcement of the lists of candidates qualified for admission.
  9. September 16-18, 2020: registering of candidates qualified for admission.
  10. September 25, 2020: the latest date of announcing the final list of people admitted to the Doctoral School.
Admissions criteria Admissions criteria

The point system of the admission procedure

used to qualify candidates

to the Doctoral School at the University of Silesia in Katowice


1. Research project plan

(up to 1500 characters with spaces) signed by the candidate

and the candidate for a supervisor

The project should include:

– scientific aim of the project (scientific problem that the candidate undertakes, research questions and hypotheses) (up to 5 points)

– the importance of the project for the discipline (justification for undertaking research in this area, innovation of the project) (up to 4 points)

– general research plan (indicating preliminary stages of the research procedure) (up to 5 points)

– research methodology (methods, techniques, research tools) (up to 5 points)

– literature (10 most important bibliographic items that the candidate intends to use) (up to 1 point)

– if the candidate is going to be part of a research team, it is necessary to describe his/her contribution to the research project


2. Interview During the interview, the candidate presents the planned project (the concept of a PhD thesis).

Elements of assessment:

– “defence” of the research project – answers to questions about the project

– knowledge of the research area

– knowledge of English appropriate to a given area (cf. § 8 section 4 of the resolution)

– predisposition to conduct research and present its results




(30 points minimum)

3. Academic achievements – conference presentations (domestic conference: 1 point, foreign conference, i.e. taking place abroad: 3 points; 3 points maximum)[1]

– authorship or co-authorship of publications in journals and books published by publishing house from ministerial lists[2] (monograph: 10 points, chapter in the monograph: 2 points, article in a journal: 5 points; 10 points maximum)[3]

– implementation of a research project financed from external funds (principal investigator: 4 points, investigator: 2 points; 4 points maximum)[4]

– other scientific or artistic achievements (5 points maximum)


4. International cooperation participation in the Erasmus programme or other international exchange programme (3 points maximum), projects implemented jointly with research institutions from abroad, including internships and scholarships abroad (5 points maximum)




[1] It is necessary to provide the confirmation of an active participation by the conference organizer.

[2] http://www.bip.nauka.gov.pl/g2/oryginal/2019_08/a07248ec34e343035b433bb61f39c053.pdf.

[3] In the case of a paper accepted for publication – the confirmation of acceptance (an e-mail from the publishing house or DOI number); in the case of a published text – the first page of an article and table of contents with the author’s name.

[4] It is necessary to provide project number and the name of the funding institution.

Admission Committee Admission Committee

The Rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice appointed admission committees whose task is to conduct the admission procedure to the Doctoral School for the academic year 2020/2021. Composition of the commision – link.

Registered candidate, in accordance with Article 4 (10) of the recruitment resolution, has the right to raise objections to the composition of the commission if the participation of a given member of the commission raises justified reservations as to his impartiality. The candidate shall submit objections no later than by September 2. Objections should be sent to the chairman of the relevant field-related admission committee, adding the secretary of this committee to the information.

Registration in the admission procedure Registration in the admission procedure

The admission procedure is carried out electronically (excluding the interview, which may be conducted intramural or on-line) via the IRK system. The system is scheduled to open on July 15. Candidates complete all the necessary personal data in the system, agree to process this data in the admission process, and complete the data, information and documents necessary for the proper conduct of admissions.

The most important registration deadlines:

By August 5, 2020 – closing registration in the IRK in terms of:

registration of new candidates;

making the recruitment fee (the date of submitting the transfer decides);

enter the information and documents referred to Article 5 (1) (1-3) and (5) of the resolution to which this document is attached.

By August 14, 2020 – the deadline for entering documents, referred to Article 5 (1)(6-11) (title and description of the project, data and opinion of the scientific supervisor, list of achievements with their confirmation)

Until September 14, 2020 at 15:00 – the deadline for delivery of the document referred to Article 5 (1) (4) (diploma or certificate).

Information and documents necessary in the admission process Information and documents necessary in the admission process

Download applicable document forms (project of the research plan, scientific achievements)

Information and documents required in the admission process for the Doctoral School:

  • consent of the candidate for the processing of personal data by the University for purposes related to admissions, and in the case of candidates with special educational needs related to health, the explicit consent of the candidate for the processing of health data;
  • statement of the candidate about not studying at another doctoral school and about not to be working as an academic teacher from October 1, 2020;
  • statement by the candidate confirming whether or not he / she is a participant in doctoral studies; the candidate who participates in doctoral studies is required to provide the discipline, place and topic of the  implemented project  as well as the name of the supervisor
  • copy of the diploma certifying the second degree qualifications together with the diploma supplement, and in the absence of a diploma and assessments obtained during the studies; after admission to the Doctoral School, a copy of the diploma should be provided immediately; if you have completed a university abroad, you must certify a diploma or other document in the form of legalization or an apostille and certified translation of the document into Polish or English (if the document was issued in a language other than those listed);
  • information about the scientific discipline in which the candidate intends to prepare a doctoral dissertation or the scope of its interdisciplinary nature;
  • title of the project, which the candidate wants to implement as part of his work on the doctoral dissertation;
  • project of the research plan (up to 15,000 characters) applicable form;
  • information about the candidate’s academic supervisor (name and surname, academic degree or title, affiliation, e-mail address);
  • written opinion of a researcher with at least a doctoral degree on the candidate’s previous achievements and his predisposition to scientific work;
  • list of the candidate’s scientific achievements according to Annex 2 to this resolution applicable form;
  • documents confirming scientific achievements according to Annex 2 to this resolution.

Information and documents referred to paragraph 1 is completed or uploaded in the form of attachments in the Internet Candidate Registration System (IRK), https://irk.us.edu.pl/. If a given document is proper uploaded it will be available in the IRK system and on this website at the lastest on July 1.The design of the research plan can be uploaded in the form of a PDF file or enter in the form of filling in the appropriate sections in the system. In both cases, the character limit and division into relevant parts must be in line with the assessment criteria.

(Polish) Wyniki postępowania rekrutacyjnego (Polish) Wyniki postępowania rekrutacyjnego
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