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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Doctoral School

Below is a list of people who have declared their readiness to work as Supervisor in the field of materials engineering.

The Doctoral Supervisor at the Doctoral School may be any Researcher with a Postdoctoral Degree or the title of professor currently academically active and his scientific interests are similar to the Doctoral student’s research plans.

A complete list of academic teachers conducting research in the discipline of materials engineering can be found on the website of the Instytitute of Materials engineering

dr hab. inż. Karolina Adrjanowicz, prof. UŚ

Faculty of Science and Technology


chemical sciences
physical sciences
materials engineering

Scientific interests:

glass transition, dielectric spectroscopy, nanoconfinement, thin films, surface effects, high-field, crystallization, molecular dynamics, relaxation dynamics and crystallization behavior of glass-forming systems under high pressure, geometrical nanoconfinement and high electric fields,understanding factors responsible for physical and chemical instability of amorphous materials, developing strategies allowing to control it

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