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The first grant from the Stanisław Ulam’s program at the Faculty | Institute of Physics

12.11.2021 - 22:57 update 16.11.2021 - 15:11
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|Mourad Smari, dr; Anna Bajorek, PhD, MSc, Assoc. Prof.|

It is a great pleasure to announce that dr Mourad Smari from the University of Coimbra received the ULAM grant financed by NAWA, which will be carried out under the supervision of Anna Bajorek, PhD, MSc, Asoc. Prof. from the Institute of Physics. Such cooperation was actually started several years ago and, so far, has resulted in 5 publications; a couple of the next ones are in progress. The collaboration is focused on the multiferroic materials, unconventional behaviour of magnetic refrigerants, magnetic memory effect and magnetotransport behaviour. Briefly speaking is concentrated on the analysis of magnetic properties combined with the electronic structure in various materials with the properties mentioned above.

Dr. Mourad Smari,
Dr Mourad Smari | Fot. private archive

About the scientist

Dr Mourad Smari, is a researcher at LIBPhys-UC, Department of Physics, University of Coimbra. He has an interdisciplinary education (“MSc” in physics at the University of Sfax; PhD in Physics at the University of Sfax with the University of Autonoma Madrid). After 2015, dr Smari moved to the Immanuel Kant Baltic University, Kaliningrad, Russia, as a postdoc where he participates in research within Russian Academic Excellence project 5-100 (Magnetocaloric materials for magnetic refrigeration at room temperature). Since finishing his PhD, the research activity of dr M. Smari has related to the areas of structure-property correlation of functional materials, electrical dielectric materials, phase separation, and magnetic cooling systems.  During 2014-2020, he participated in several national and 4 European projects (RAE5-100, PHC-Maghreb, SusPhotoSolutions CENTRO- 01-0145-FEDER- 000005, PTDC/FIS-AQM/29611/2017 MULTI SURF funded by EU and Russia) as an early-stage researcher responsible for compositional and morphological characterization of materials.  In 2017 he attended lectures at the International Baltic Conference on Magnetism, August 20-24, 2017 Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region, (Russia), and he was awarded the best poster award for the work entitled “Giant magnetocaloric effect detected in Manganites”. The scientific activity of Smari deals with the synthesis, structural characterization, and investigation of magnetic and transport properties of a variety of materials, as bulk, thin films, and nanoparticles, exhibiting dielectric, ferroelectric, magnetocaloric, colossal magnetoresistance properties of technological interest (magnetic refrigeration, magneto-electric devices). The research of dr M. Smari focused on developing LaCaMnOmanganite and unravelling the role of magnetic phase separation and the extent of its impact on the physical properties. He proposed new ideas such as muti-double exchange mechanisms for boosting efficient magnetic cooling performance in oxides by engineering magnetic phase competition and their effect on MR performance.  M. Smari co-authored 40 papers in international SCI journals. He is the first author in 12 of them and the first corresponding author in another 17. As of February 2021, his publications gained almost 580 citations (h-index 15), demonstrating an acknowledgement of his work by the scientific community. M. Smari contributed 10 oral presentations, including 2 invited talks and circa 6 poster presentations at the international conferences and congresses. Additionally, he is an active reviewer in several SCI journals, including Alloys and compounds, Physica B, JMMM, Applied physics A, and Dalton transactions. Dr Smari participates in Editorial Boards of vehicle dynamics journal, SCIREA Journal of Physics — Open Access Journal. He is also one of the Topic Editor – Special Issue Proposal, Magnetochemistry (IF 2.193, ISSN: 2312-7481).  PI contributes to the educational process at Immanuel Kant Baltic University, Kaliningrad, Russia, by teaching various courses within the Integrated Master´s Program in fundamentals condensed matter experimental physics. Dr M. Smari contributes to the educational process at the University of Sfax/Gafsa, Tunisia, by teaching various courses within the Integrated first and second cycle university Programs in fundamentals physics.

About the project

The accepted ULAM project entitled Development of new magnetic materials round room temperature and applications to magnetic refrigeration promotes a technological response to current challenges in refrigeration and air-conditioning in terms of energy-saving and mitigating the environmental impact. Magnetic refrigeration is an alternative to traditional cooling methods based on gas compression cycles because it has higher energy yields and bypasses harmful greenhouse gases. The project will generate scientific knowledge on both fundamental and practical aspects of materials for magnetic cooling. Obtained guidelines for processing the multifunctional of this technology rely heavily on the availability and ease of processing high-performance magnetic refrigerant materials. From a middle- and long-term perspective, the project intends to explore the ideas of direct functional magnetic, magnetocaloric effect application, and unravelling the role of multi-double exchange mechanism of phase-separated manganite, which aims to strengthen the competitiveness of magnetic refrigeration technology. The obtained primers result present a significant step forward in developing magnetic refrigerant materials and will benefit researchers and industries aiming to advance cooling technology.

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