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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Science and Technology
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Applied Computer Science, full-time, first-cycle studies

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Learning by doing cutting-edge microelectronics, integrated systems, programming robots, and to top it all off a Bachelor’s degree… Is this just a beautiful dream? Not at all, it’s Applied Computer Science at the University of Silesia!

During 1st cycle studies, you will encounter all the things mentioned above and find out what are the methods and skills a scientist needs, how to develop your ability to come up with innovative solutions to various problems, and even learn foreign languages. Issues related to data processing and analysis, computer modelling, image analysis or the design and development of control and measurement systems will no longer be a mystery to you. You can also pursue networking technologies, databases, software development for modern mobile devices, and web applications and services.

Thanks to the educational programmes Oracle Academy and Cisco Academy, you will have the opportunity to establish a broad network of contacts, which will certainly prove useful in your future profession. You will have at your disposal modern computer science facilities such as computer labs, digital and analogue electronics labs, and robotics labs.

See you in Chorzów!


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