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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Science and Technology
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Computer Science - full-time and part-time, first-cycle and second-cycle studies

study language - polish and english

Do you dream of a well-paid job in the IT industry? Your first word wasn’t ‘mommy’ but ‘C++’ or ‘Python’? Or maybe you are just wondering if programming is as hard as it sounds? Don’t hesitate, study computer science!

During the 1st cycle studies you will gain knowledge in the field of problem solving and operation of computer systems, architecture, algorithmics and programming. By familiarising yourself with the canon of computer science and major subjects, you will also develop your own creativity and unconventional thinking – after all, computer science is not binary.

During the second-cycle studies you will be albo to deepen the knowledge acquired during the 1st cycle studies.

Throughout your studies, you will have many opportunities to participate in numerous workshops, training and dedicated specialist classes at the Oracle Academy, Microsoft and Cisco. Don’t wait, just apply!


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(the application process starts on June 3)

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