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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Science and Technology


During the first cycle studies in Chemistry, the student acquires basic knowledge of the most important branches of chemistry, without which understanding of chemical processes is impossible. The programme also includes subjects such as mathematics, physics, biochemistry and biology, which allows students to broaden their research horizons and give them an interdisciplinary dimension. The proposed majors include Cheminformatics, Drug Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry.

Second cycle studies in Chemistry enable students to deepen their knowledge in chemistry, as well as to develop their own interests in specialist classes. Each graduate will have a broad and interdisciplinary view of chemical issues which they will obtain thanks to advanced courses and practical classes offered in individual majors: Information Science Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Forensic Chemistry.

Second degree studies in Chemistry are also conducted in the 3-semester major of Building Chemistry which combines knowledge in the field of chemical sciences and materials engineering as well as technical and industrial analytics. The teaching programme includes methods for functional modification of ceramic, polymer, metallic and composite materials used in the construction industry. The graduates know the basic methods of protecting building materials against corrosion and recycling methods of finished products, are able to design and select materials for various applications and have knowledge in the field of their testing. They are also prepared to use specialised software and computer databases.

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