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Activity of the PCCER research centre

| PL: Prezentacja wyników badań w siedzibie Chińskiej Służby Geologicznej w Chengdu | EN:Presentation of research results at the Chengdu Centre of China Geological Survey. Fot./Photo: centrum PCCER | ZH: 中国地质调查局成都中心介绍研究成果。照片由中波环境联合研究中心拍摄。 The Polish-Chinese Centre for Environmental Research at the University of Silesia was established in January 2020. Since then, the Centre has strengthened its scientific...

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Maps of landslide activity for selected areas of Yunnan

|PL: Głębokie rozcięcie erozyjne (Prowincja Yunnan) | EN: Deep erosive incision (Yunnan Province) fot./photo: centrum PCCER | ZH: 中国云南省深侵蚀切口。照片由联合研究中心拍摄。 We develop landslide activity maps for selected areas in the Yunnan Province. The maps will be helpful in planning development in areas endangered by landslides. The project is implemented together with the Chengdu Centre of China...

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Research on annual growth rings in dwarf shrubs

| PL: Wyprawa w obszar strefy półsuchej (prowincja Sinciang, Chiny) | EN: Expedition to the semi-arid zone (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China) | ZH: 半干旱区野外考察(中国新疆)。照片由中波环境联合研究中心拍摄 Preliminary work is underway on the implementation of a project concerning the analysis of annual increments of shrubs as indicators of environmental changes in arid and semi-arid climates area. The...

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