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#discoverTransform4Europe – getting to know Transform4Europe European University

11.03.2021 - 13:23 update 13.07.2021 - 15:22
Editors: MK
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Several months ago, the University of Silesia, together with six partner universities, joined the prestigious group of European Universities. We are probably already familiar with the slogan Transform4Europe. This is what makes our consortium stand out from the others, together with our idea, common goal and challenges.

The European Universities initiative is quite young. The first European Commission call for proposals was organised in 2019, and overall 41 consortia were established in Europe as a result of two editions. It therefore comes as no surprise that many people wonder what it means and what possibilities are provided by such partnership. To bring the concept of European Universities and our alliance closer, we have prepared a series of infographics and articles called #discoverTransfom4Europe.

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The point of Transform4Europe is international cooperation between six universities, which has opened many new interesting teaching and research paths for us.

What is our common goal? What do we have in common? What challenges do we want to face together? These are just some of the questions that we will answer in the series.

We will publish the most important facts and figures concerning our consortium and the most interesting information about each of the alliance universities. We will present the projects and initiatives implemented together with our partners, as well as new opportunities for students, doctoral students and employees of the University of Silesia, provided by Transform4Europe. We will also conduct interviews with the individuals who have already been involved in this outstanding project.

The first infographic presents the most important information about Transform4Europe European University.

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Please check regularly https://us.edu.pl/t4e/en/ for the most important information and news.

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