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Transform4Europe | mission

By founding the Transform4Europe alliance, we commit to systematically implementing the transformative approach in all fields of our institutions. We will use our well-established and distinctive but complementary profiles, which represent a rich combination of expertise and approaches, to pursue positive change and transformation in a comprehensive and innovative way that none of the individual members of the consortium could achieve alone. Given the potential of our combined approach for the enhancement of Europe and the transferability of the envisaged results of the collaboration to other universities and regions, the Transform4Europe alliance aims to become a major player and a role model within the European Education Area by 2025. We will achieve this goal by:

  • transforming and progressively integrating our universities into one sustainable single European alliance with joint governance and shared support structures and services that is internationally visible and attractive as a European pole of excellence and major driver of change. This European university will pursue student-centred pedagogical approaches and participative, co-creational governance principles,
  • making mobility within the alliance accessible for all members of the universities: Improved, flexible and inclusive mobility framework conditions and options, together with improved language-learning options and incentives, will establish mobility as the norm both for the students and for staff of our European university,
  • creating a Transform4Europe multi-campus European University with an inclusive campus life where students and staff share a participative understanding of being a member of a European University with a strong European identity. This includes customised transdisciplinary study programmes and further training for staff,
  • integrating the transformative knowledge-entrepreneurialism perspective into all study and training programmes and making it a key concept for active European citizenship: We will educate and train future European knowledge-entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary creative entrepreneurial mind-set, intercultural competencies and language skills,
  • becoming the main drivers of regional transformation by establishing structured partnerships with regional stakeholders: We will contribute to research and innovation with and for the regions, implementing innovative knowledge co-creation models that are replicable elsewhere. This process at the local level and the university partnerships each member has at the regional level will initiate a major, broader process aiming at creating networked European knowledge and innovation ecosystems,
  • becoming a major player in the consolidation and success of the EEA and the European project in general.

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