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T4EU Stakeholder Challenge

18.07.2023 - 09:31 update 28.07.2023 - 10:19
Editors: PK

Students and academic staff from the T4EU Alliance Universities are encouraged to join the second Stakeholder Challenge of this year: an opportunity to set up a scheduler able to handle various activities related to routine and extraordinary maintenance of Aster Coop’s facilities (warehouses), equipment / machineries.

Apply from July 11 to July 25, 2023:


Participants will work online in groups for three days, from July 31 to August 2, on the development of a software. What is asked by the Stakeholder, an Italian company specialized in the management of integrated logistics services, is the creation of a tool which can assist in managing all the activities related to both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

The scheduler will have to:

  • generate alerts as the deadline of maintenance activities approaches;
  • generate a new maintenance expiration date when the activity is accomplished;
  • should have the possibility to upload reports and images of the maintenance performed by the operator;
  • must be able to store the history of all the maintenance activities;
  • must be able to have a “ticketing system” for reporting anomalies and extraordinary damages. The operator who identifies a contingency requiring intervention (breakdown, breakage, alarm, etc.) “opens a ticket” within the scheduler reporting that it is required to intervene on a facility or machinery.

In addition, some other suggestions are requested:

  • possibility to graphically see, through the help of different colours, the status of activities (e.g., red expired, green performed and closed, yellow expiring, etc.);
  • possibility of extracting reports (e.g., on the ticketing system’s processing times);
  • possibility to adapt the scheduler to different business functions (e.g., contract deadlines, training deadlines, medical examination deadlines for operators …)

Winners will be awarded €500.00.

How does the Stakeholder Challenge work?

Once the call for applications is closed, international teams will be created and from July 31 to August 2, they will work to find a solution to the challenge launched by the Stakeholder. The entire challenge will be hold remotely.

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