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Transform4Europe European University – T4ERI and Active Class projects

08.04.2021 - 10:21 update 13.07.2021 - 15:33
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„University European” is a call for proposals announced for the first time by European Commission in 2019. The initiative opened the way for international and inter-university partnerships, which are designed to become European universities of the future. Not only does such action plan result in common development strategy and jointly formed multilingual campus, but also in innovative education methods based on digital solutions, as well as in a stronger cooperation with the social and economic environment, as in the case of our Transform4Europe alliance.

The call for proposals is funded under ERASMUS+ programme, and the subsequent initiatives, implemented within the framework of particular university consortia, are co-financed under other EU programmes, such as e.g. Horizon 2020.

The budget for executing the objectives of all 41 European universities amounted to EUR 287 million, whereby every alliance could receive funding up to EUR 5 million under ERASMUS+ and EUR 2 million under Horizon 2020, to be used during three years of the project implementation.

Source: www.erasmusplus.org.pl; www.ec.europa.eu:

Logo T4E




„Transform4Europe” European University received the funding with the total value of almost EUR 5 million. These funds will be allocated for the implementation of all duties planned for 2020–2023.

Joint study programmes, modern education methods and single communication strategy will be developed in order to educate future knowledge entrepreneurs, having real impact on the future of European regions and states. There will also be meetings designed to get to know the culture of Transform4Europe countries.

Cooperation between the scientists from all seven alliance universities will be strengthened as well, whereas the administrative support staff will be capable of sharing the experiences gained during jointly implemented tasks.

The project leader is the Saarland University (Germany). The project coordinator on the part of the University of Silesia is Małgorzata Myśliwiec, PhD, D.Litt. Project duration: 3 years.

Infographic presenting the funding of T4E project – T4E „The European University for Knowledge Entrepreneurs”. Forming a European university of the future, funding amount: almost EUR 5 million, including almost EUR 0.5 milliion for the University of Silesia




One of the initiatives implemented by our alliance partner universities is the project entitled „Transform 4 European Research and Innovation” (T4ERI), under which we want to create a European research and innovation ecosystem.

This project obtained almost EUR 2 million of funding under Horizon 2020 (Science with and for Society). Its goal is to combine scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility, create new development opportunities for scientists at every stage of their academic career, and discover scientific talents. Implementation period: 3 years.

The project leader is the Saarland University (Germany), whereas the project coordinator on the part of the University of Silesia is Damian Guzek, PhD, D.Litt.

More details about T4ERI will be presented in further publications at: www.us.edu.pl/t4e.

Szczegóły na temat T4ERI zostaną zaprezentowane w kolejnych publikacjach na stronie: www.us.edu.pl/t4e.

Infographic presenting the funding of T4ERI project – „Transform 4 European Research and Innovation”. Promoting innovation and supporting scientific careers, funding amount: almost EUR 2 million, including over EUR 150,000 for the University of Silesia

Active Class



„Activating Students in Online Classes” is the name of the project involving three partner universities of Transform4Europe alliance. Its goal is to activate the students participating in online classes. The initiative is a response to challenges associated with digitally supported education and distance learning.

The project called Active Class, whose leader is the University of Silesia in Katowice, has already obtained over EUR 200,000 of funding under ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership programme. The coordinator of the initiative on the part of the University of Silesia is Renata Jankowska, PhD, Associate Professor.

Detailed information will be published on an ongoing basis at: www.us.edu.pl/t4e/en.

Infographic presenting the funding of Active Class project – Active Class „Activating Students in Online Classes”. Designing modern educational tools, funding amount: over EUR 200,000, including over EUR 75,000 for the University of Silesia

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