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University of Silesia in Katowice

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EKA Summer Academy

for students and PhD students of universities from the Transform4Europe alliance
Organizer: Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn

animowany napis: text animation course

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Animation Online Course by EKA Summer Academy

Join us!

Learn how to present your ideas with the power of animation! Join the five-day free online course by EKA Summer Academy to take your future presentations to the next level with Blender and help to advance positive changes for higher education.

Students from Transform4Europe alliance universities can apply to participate in the online course. The member universities are:

  • Saarland University
  • University of Alicante
  • Estonian Academy of Arts
  • University of Silesia in Katowice
  • Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
  • University of Trieste
  • Vytautas Magnus University

The animation summer course takes place 11 – 17 August 2021.
Applications are open until 1 August.

Narysowany człowiek stoi na przystanku autobusowym.

By instructor Hleb Kuftseryn


The summer course is for anyone who wants to enhance their storytelling and presentation skills with animation. During the five-day international course, participants from seven universities will gain a basic understanding of how 3D animation works.

With a focus on typography, the students will learn the essential tools that make 3D objects move. Multiple workshops will offer practical exercises to gain knowledge about versatile animation principles and techniques to create outstanding presentations with animated texts. In addition, participants will learn how to use key frames and eases and how rigid body physics works.

As a result, through the use of learned tools and gained skills, students will work on the vision of a future university campus and create animated video presentations by working as a group.

What needs to change and what are the qualities espoused by a renowned higher education environment? Each university will create and present their vision in an animated video project. The videos will be made with the assistance of two instructors.

Fragment szkolenia w Blenderze

By participating you will

  • Learn storytelling principles and narrative techniques,
  • Discover strategies for compelling visual presentation,
  • Learn to create 3D animated texts with Blender,
  • Acquire the fundamentals of Blender animation software.

Enhance the reflective and critical thinking of higher education perspectives.


The course is created by Estonian Academy of Arts. EKA Summer Academy together with the Department of Animation will offer Transform4Europe alliance universities an opportunity to learn basic animation skills. The animation course is the first project by Transform4Europe which directly involves students.

Hleb Kuftseryn

Hleb Kuftseryn

is an animator and motion designer who works in the sphere of commercial and non-commercial animation. His work experience consists of projects for Belarusian, Lithuanian and Russian animation studios on festival and children’s cartoons along with freelance and studio work on commercial applied animation.

Elise Eimre

Elise Eimre

is a doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her research interests focus on the visual studies of film art. She has worked as a production designer and director on numerous video projects including stage designs for concert arenas. Elise is one of the programmers for the Black Nights Film Festival and a project manager for Black Room.


Day 1
11 August
Day 2
12 August
11.00–13.30 CET – Components of great storytelling

14.00–16.00 CET – Introduction to Blender

11.00–13.30 CET – Animation with Blender

14.00–16.00 CET – Animation with Blender

Day 3
13 August
10.00–13.30 CET – Panel discussion

14.00–17.00 CET – Group project with Blender

Day 4
16 August
Day 5
17 August
10.00–13.30 CET – Group project with Blender

14.00–17.00 CET – Group project with Blender

11.00–13.00 CET – Group project finalisation

14.00–16.00 CET – Screening session & discussion


  • The course will be held online via Zoom and in English.
  • Participation is free and requires registration by 1 August.
  • Participant has to be able to use computer with webcam.
  • The instructors select 21 students from the competition. The selection is based on a motivation letter.
  • Transform4Europe will gain all rights to the video projects.

Upon full participation and completion of the course, students will be awarded a Transform4Europe certificate of completion and diploma for 1 ESTC.

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