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University of Silesia in Katowice

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SPIN-Lab Centre for Microscopic Studies on Matter
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Our Objectives

The SPIN-Lab Centre for Microscopic Research on Matter (CMBM SPIN-Lab) aims to consolidate microscopic potential and expertise within the research centre of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Research carried out within the centre covers all aspects of microscopy, in particular correlative characterisation of ‘soft matter’.

The activities of the CMBM SPIN-Lab are part of the intensive scientific and economic development resulting from microscopic research in exact sciences and natural sciences, engineering sciences, medical sciences and health sciences. The possibility of imaging matter at the molecular scale, including under cryogenic conditions, correlated with spectroscopic imaging, allows an insight into the properties of materials and processes resulting from atomic structure.

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Science and research

  • creating new research opportunities for dozens of scientific leaders and several hundred researchers at the University of Silesia in Katowice,

  • developing and generating new scientific specialisations and R&D topics in several fields and over a dozen scientific disciplines,

  • creating a centre of competence in microscopic examination of ‘soft matter’, enabling specialised research and training services for both Polish and international entities,

  • creating a centre of competence in microscopic examination of ‘soft matter’, enabling specialised research and training services for both Polish and international entities,

  • conducting scientific work involving interdisciplinary research carried out in national and international groups, financed by national and foreign grants,

  • positioning the Silesian Voivodship as a centre of integrated competence in the area of microscopic examination of ‘soft matter’ by contributing to the promotion of scientific research and the region,

  • increasing the competitiveness of the Polish research sector and presenting the Centre as an attractive workplace for foreign scientists,

  • generating a critical mass capable of creating a European centre of competence through the implementation of modern methods of science and research management together with integrating the scientific community and research conducted in microscopic research units in the region.

Teaching and training

  • providing world-class education and enabling international cooperation in Master’s and doctoral theses through the establishment of a teaching centre equipped with state-of-the-art research infrastructure,

  • facilitating staff development and exchange of experience and knowledge in, among others, education by increasing the participation of employees from outside the University of Silesia in Katowice and increasing the mobility of employees of our university involved in the work carried out at the CMBM SPIN-Lab,

  • initiating educational events, such as scientific conferences or initiatives related to the promotion of science among schoolchildren,

  • creating and attracting new scientific leaders and enabling them to develop their professional scientific and organisational competencies,

  • initiating or organising workshops and training sessions for national and international scientists and industrial partners.

Promotion of science and dissemination of research results

  • cooperating within scientific and R&D clusters and creating new project and entrepreneurial initiatives,

  • organising seminars and conferences for national and international researchers and industrial partners.

Industry support

  • carrying out research and development work covering, among others, areas related to the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, chemical, food, machinery, and energy industries, as well as searching for new material, technical, and IT solutions for the development of microscopic characterisation of matter,

  • carrying out the tasks set out by the entities in the R&D proposals submitted,

  • supporting entities in the development and substantive evaluation of R&D proposals submitted.

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