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Student research group



operating at the SWC

The main goal of the research group is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Silesia in Katowice to work in interdisciplinary research teams in the field of water ecosystems.

In the conducted research, we focus on water reservoirs of economic, natural, and recreational importance. Our research includes the analysis of reservoirs in terms of morphometric parameters, analysis of physico-chemical and biological parameters of water, numerical modelling of reservoirs, identification of problems encountered during the operation of reservoirs and proposing actions to solve them.

As part of the activities of the research group, students have the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team under the supervision of experienced scientists, participate in field research with particular emphasis on water reservoirs of great importance for local communities, the country’s water management and with special natural values. Students can also participate in numerous scientific workshops and seminars.

The members of the research group will gain experience in working in a team, appreciated in today’s labour market, they will learn how to use specialized computer software as well as field and laboratory equipment.

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