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Unique “meteorite” minerals in pyrometamorphic rocks

14.01.2022 - 15:13 update 19.01.2022 - 14:18
Editors: lukaszmalarzewski

The research project of prof. E. Galuskin “Unique “meteorite” minerals in pyrometamorphic rocks” received funding in the last NCN OPUS21 competition.

During more than 15 years, Galuskin’s research group has been working on extending general scientific knowledge on the mineral composition of the Earth. For the few last years, scientists from the research group have discovered more than 30 new minerals from pyrometamorphic rocks of the Hatrurim Complex (Israel, Palestine, Jordan).

The main goal of this project is the discovery of new minerals and the reconstruction of the conditions and mechanisms of the formation of “meteoritic” minerals of terrestrial origin in rocks of the Hatrurim Complex.

Project duration – 3 years.

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