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Our employees co-organize the IALE 2022 Congress

12.07.2022 - 08:53 update 12.07.2022 - 09:16
Editors: szczepansamulewicz

Dr. hab. Urszula Myga-Piątek, prof. UŚ, Dr. Katarzyna Pukowiec-Kurda, D.E. Anna Żemła-Siesicka and Dr. Michał Sobala, members of the Landscape Research Group, prepared one of the conference symposia for this European Landscape Ecology Congress IALE 2022 “Making the Future, Learning from the Past”. The prepared symposium, entitled “Future landscape development: forecast, visions and scenarios”, concerns the issues of forecasting landscape changes.

Furthermore, our employees will present the following topics:

  • hab. Urszula Myga-Piątek, prof. UŚ “Forecast cultural landscape development. Theoretical considerations between visions and scenarios ”and D.E. Anna Żemła-Siesicka “Evolution of archaeological landscape in Poland – the past, present and future change” as part of the symposium mentioned above;
  • Katarzyna Pukowiec-Kurda “Main directions of landscape transformations in post-industrial urban areas” as a part of the symposium “Landscape changes in times of urbanization: processes and projections”;
  • Dr Michał Sobala “Anthropogenic landforms as indicators of past land use in marginal mountain areas” as a part of the symposium “When history meets future – future challenges for historical landscape research”.
  • PhD student Ewa Mackiewicz “Green Deal and heritage protection: opportunities and threats of sustainable monument revitalisation” as a part of the symposium “Policy making for European landscapes”.

The IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress aims to highlight landscape ecology as the transdisciplinary platform linking past, present and future. This approach is especially needed now when the world is facing global challenges such as climate crisis, biodiversity loss, environmental pollution, mass migration and urbanization.

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