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: “Scars of War” presentation of research results conducted by the INoZ employees during the Night of Museums at the Museum of the Silesian Battle for Fuel “Blechhammer 1944”

01.08.2023 - 11:32 update 01.08.2023 - 11:38
Editors: lukaszmalarzewski

Dr. hab. Jan Maciej Waga took part in the promotional event “Night of Museums” at the Museum of the Silesian Battle for Fuel “Blechhammer 1944” in Kędzierzyn-Koźle on May 13, 2023, where he presented a poster showing the effects of 3-year research. The poster informing about the conducted research was titled: “Scars of War – A Program to Recognize the Environmental Effects of World War II Bombing”. These studies concerned the wide-aspect environmental impact of the strategic bombing of plants producing synthetic liquid fuels for the Nazi war machine located in the Koźle Basin. They were carried out in 1944, but their effects are still important for the natural, socio-cultural environment and the economy in the studied areas.

Reference: Poster

Note author: dr hab. Jan Maciej Waga

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