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Faculty of Social Sciences
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Degree Programme Director: Journalism and Social Communication

Degree Programme Director:
Journalism and Social Communication

Bernard Grzonka, PhD, Associate Professor


Degree Programme Deputy Director:
Journalism and Social Communication

Mirosława Wielopolska-Szymura, PhD, DLitt


Degree Programme Director: Journalism and Social Communication:

  1. chairs the Educational Council for the Degree Programme;
  2. ensures the quality of education, especially by carrying out or overseeing the carrying out of the procedures specified by the Faculty System for Education Quality Assurance;
  3. initiates and coordinates activities for the improvement of the programme curriculum;
  4. presents the Dean with proposals for teaching staff and individual teaching class assignments with regards to the programme in the given academic year;
  5. oversees organisation and content of classes conducted as part of the programme;
  6. prepares proposals on requirements and procedures of the admission process, admission criteria, terms for admitting the winners and finalists of national-level olympiads and winners of national and international competitions, and the limit of possible admissions in the given academic year;
  7. coordinates the scheduling of the programme’s classes in the given semester;
  8. oversees the accuracy of information in the USOS system and the Programme Catalogue related to the programme and the classes conducted in the given semester;
  9. oversees the programme’s internship supervisors, and proposes the possible candidates for the position to the Dean;
  10. cooperates with the Plenipotentiary of the Dean for International Cooperation, and the Plenipotentiary of the Dean for Distance Learning;
  11. coordinates teaching cooperation with external and internal parties interested in the programme;
  12. proposes the composition of recruitment committees for the given academic year;
  13. participates in the process of validating educational outcomes acquired outside the studies;
  14. is responsible for preparing the documents for accreditation, in particular for assessments conducted by the Polish Accreditation Committee.
  15. delivers a substantive opinion on decisions taken with regard to students, resulting from the Rules and Regulations of Studies at the University of Silesia;
  16. proposes to the Dean persons to be included in the Educational Council for the Degree Programme in accordance with the provisions of the statute;
  17. performs other tasks assigned by the Dean related to teaching with regards to the programme.

Degree Programme Deputy Director performs tasks assigned by the Degree Programme Director.

In all matters, you can contact the Degree Programme Director or the Degree Programme Deputy Director.

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