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Degree Programme Director: Psychology

Degree Programme Director:

Elżbieta Turska, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor


Degree Programme Deputy Director:

Joanna Mateusiak, PhD, Associate Professor



Degree Programme Director and Degree Programme Deputy Director are responsible for matters regarding students and their education process.

Degree Programme Director: Psychology is mainly responsible for ensuring that the education process runs properly and is of high quality. The Director initiates and coordinates activities for the improvement of the programme curriculum; oversees the content of the classes conducted as part of the programme, including the degree awarding process; reviews students’ applications concerning various forms of individual organisation of studies, and cooperates with the Student Government.

Degree Programme Deputy Director: Psychology is responsible for all matters related to organisation of the education process, including:

  • coordinating registration for classes and elective courses, and examining applications for changing study groups,
  • coordinating student internships,
  • analysing and assessing the possibility of crediting educational outcomes achieved by a student through classes carried out as part of other programmes,
  • determining differences in curriculum for students resuming studies, or for students who transferred from a different university, while taking into account the currently binding curriculum,
  • coordinating Teacher Training Course classes for psychology students.



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