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Research topic: Urban and metropolitan aspects of sustainable development in the context of SDG 2030 – a sociological, psychological and political science perspective.

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030) included in the „2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and related tasks define the changes that should take place in the world in the next decade. They concern the institutional and social system, but they are also connected with the everyday life of the inhabitants and require the adoption of individual adaptation strategies.

The process of implementing the tasks set out by the Agenda takes place at various levels: supranational, state, regional, municipal and local. Therefore, it is important to reflect and research on the preparation of Polish society (European societies) for activities aimed at ensuring the implementation of SDG 2030, identification of those processes that are already underway, as well as identification of bottom-up (local and individual) innovative ideas related to sustainable development.

The work of the research team will focus on cities and metropolises, their communities and inhabitants. This choice is due to the fact that cities and metropolises are structures that mediate between higher-level institutions and local communities and residents. Cities, including metropolises, play an important role in the implementation of state and supra-state policy related to sustainable development, but also, as entities of local policy, have the opportunity to formulate their own ideas and ideas related to this issue. Moreover, they can react to bottom-up ideas created by the inhabitants. The research work can include the perspective of:

  1. Sociological (awareness of the existence of SDG 2030 and the challenges facing the world, adaptation to changes, taking and acceptance of actions enabling the implementation of SDG 2030, cultural changes related to the implementation of SDG 2030),
  2. Political science (including SDG 2030 in the assumptions of the national urban policy, but also in strategic documents at the city, metropolitan and regional level, implementation of the SDG 2030 goals within the metropolitan, urban and local policy),
  3. Psychological (individual adaptation to changes resulting from the implementation of SDG 2030)

Due to the broadness of the issues contained in SDG 2030 and the focus on the urban perspective, the attention of the research team will pay particular attention to SDG 2030 Goal 11 (Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable).


Keywords: sustainable development, urban policy, SDG2030

Team: Krzysztof Bierwiaczonek, Ewa Borowiec, Michał Czuba, Robert Pyka, Jagoda Różycka


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