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The Erasmus+ programme supports the academic mobility of students, PhD students and university staff. It enables its beneficiaries to continue one’s studies, undergo training and gain experience in foreign institutions and universities.

The University of Silesia has been participating in the Erasmus+ programme (formerly Socrates programme) since 1998, i.e. since the beginning of the program in Poland. So far, 3607 people have gone to study as part of the programme, and 566 have taken part in international internships. The university has accepted 1948 students from abroad and 1524 academics.

For many years, the Silesian Alma Mater has been at the forefront of universities in terms of the number of research workers conducting activities in institutions outside the country. Currently, it is about 350 people a year. Since the beginning of the programme, 3026 people have benefited from this type of a trip.

The international exchange under the Erasmus+ programme is conducted by 469 institutions and organizations around the world. Admittedly, the non-European, or actually non-EU, mobility has only been implemented since 2015/2016, when the new component was launched in the Erasmus+ programme, but over 200 people have already benefited from this form of cooperation.

The visits are carried out on the basis of interinstitutional agreements. The University of Silesia has signed almost 750 such aggrements, and its partners include, among others, Università di Bologna (Italy), Université Paris Sorbonne (France), Universität Wien (Austria) and Stockholms Universitet (Sweden). As part of cooperation with Erasmus+ partner countries, exchange is being carried out with e.g. Armenia, Brazil, China, Georgia, Indonesia, Canada, Korea, Russia and Serbia.

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