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Biophysics - full-time, first-cycle and second-cycle studies

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Biophysics is a degree programme addressed to people passionate about science, who care about interdisciplinary development (in the field of biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics). This degree programme will allow you to dive into the world of molecular biophysics, thermodynamics of biological processes, as well as crystal chemistry. Do you want to know what modelling processes at the molecular level looks like? Do you want to find out what role experimental methods play in biological research? Do you want to learn about microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics? Additionally, as part of the chosen major, we offer Dispensing Optics and Optometry, or Molecular Biophysics.

Another important step in exploring biophysics is the second-cycle studies that allow to deepen knowledge in the field of experimental methods used in the research on living matter, anatomy, human physiology and the impact of electrical and magnetic phenomena on living organisms. The majors chosen during the studies (Optometry or Molecular Biophysics) enable the acquisition of professional practical skills.

The career path after graduating Biophysics leads, among others, to the profession of optometrist (ON), pharmaceutical facilities, scientific institutions, as well as companies related to health and environmental protection.


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