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Research Centre for Public Policy and Regulatory Governance


Research Centre for Public Policy and Regulatory Governance is a scientific unit that serves the cooperation between the highest class experts and all kinds of entities taking part in creating and performing public policies that should be based on properly prepared diagnoses, analyses, and recommendations drawn from reliably gathered and examined data (evidence-based policy). The Centre is ready to cooperate and carry out projects which require empirical research, expert opinions, analyses as well as solutions to regulatory problems to support and enhance the quality of decision-making processes in administration, economy, self-government, and other fields of public policy, all with concerned external entities.

The Centre offers access to the highest quality specialists with diverse scientific backgrounds and practical experience, especially within the law, social sciences, administration, psychology and ethics. The Centre’s cooperation with external entities is aimed at the connection of cognitively valuable scientific research with practical usefulness and real support in resolving significant problems which appear in the functioning of administrative entities, local government, professional associations, economic self-governments, regulatory institutions, and economic entities, especially including the ones which provide services of public utility nature.

The Centre focuses on designing and conducting research on empirical problems of public policy, joining quantitative and qualitative research methods, and thus ensuring the possibility to formulate in-depth conclusions and recommendations. The subjects of research, being the foundation to define optimal settlement of decisions, are especially opinion surveys and surveys concerning the attitudes of chosen social groups or territorial populations, and also comparative studies indicating the possible range of solutions for a given problem with an analysis of disadvantages, advantages, and risks connected with every option to resolve a given decision-making problem, including possible regulation methods which serve to achieve determined effects in public, social, or economic life.

The offer of cooperation with the Centre is targeted at entities from the institutional surroundings of the University of Silesia in Katowice, including public, economic, and local-government administrative bodies, the ones responsible for the practical resolution of regulatory and other kinds of problems they face in the course of the creating, conducting, and evaluating public policies within their respective purview.

The final shape, scope, and conditions of cooperation are established individually during the discussions involving dedicated experts from the Centre.

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