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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Research Centre for Public Policy and Regulatory Governance


28 October 2022

conference „From the Grassroots to Policy and Back: Putting Just Transition to Practice”

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10 March 2021

open virtual seminar „What the Animal Protection Act is missing?”

May 2020

essay competition „Just Transition for Silesia”

19 December 2019

open seminar „Law and Public Policy – Today and Tomorrow”

16 September 2019

open seminar „UNIVERSITY 2.0 – chances and barriers of implementation of new legal regulations at Polish universities”

2 May 2019

open seminar „Animal Law: Ethics – Law – Constitutions”

14 March 2019

open seminar „Public Policy and Regulation – Methods, Limits and Dilemmas”

21 November 2018

meeting at the Faculty of Public Policy Silesian University in Opava

25–27 January 2019

participation in the conference organised by Charles Institute of European Studies in Athens

31 October 2018

open seminar „Constitutional Judiciary in Poland. Lessons from a Crisis”

6 May 2018

meeting of the Scientific Council of the Centre

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