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Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development
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Project stages

The implementation of the project ‘ICSD – think tank for the development of key competencies of the Polish academic staff of the future’ is planned for years 2020–2022 consists of four stages. The goal of the first stage will be to build partnership by establishing cooperation with research units in the Polish science and higher education sector, foreign universities and external experts.

The second stage consists in conducting interdisciplinary scientific research, including gathering and analysing data, based on which the concept for the development of key competencies of research staff and administrative support staff in the science and higher education sector in Poland will be developed.

Further activities undertaken as a part of the implementation pilot project will be intended to test the developed competency model and the designed tools.

The final fourth stage consists in the transfer of knowledge, i.e. communication of solutions developed during the term of the project.

4 project stages

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building partnership

interdisciplinary scientific research

implementation pilot project

knowledge transfer

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