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Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development
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Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development (ICSD) is a unit of the University of Silesia in Katowice which was established to support the employees and management staff, mostly associated with universities. Therefore, ICSD is a partner of the science and higher education sector in Poland, initiating and joining interdisciplinary research and implementation projects to design professional tools for human resource management.

‘The Centre established by us is intended to provoke certain questions, but also to provide a space for discussion and search for the best solutions. Its origin lies in curiosity, passion for cognition and understanding of certain issues from the interdisciplinary perspective’, says Prof. Barbara Kożusznik, Head of ICSD.

The initiatives undertaken in cooperation with the Centre are connected by the common goal, which is to design solutions supporting the science and higher education sector in strengthening the research position of the University by developing the potential of employees associated with the University.

Specific tools will be developed based on the access to the latest knowledge in many various scientific disciplines under which the broadly understood human functioning at work may be studied.

The effects of activities undertaken by the ICSD teams should be particularly interesting for the individuals involved in the higher education management. HR departments are increasingly becoming partners for university authorities in discussions on the introduction of changes that are to contribute e.g. to strengthening the position of Polish science on the international arena. Therefore, we need professional tools and solutions that not only promote the development of HR policy, but also shape a specific working culture at universities, in the spirit of HR Excellence in Research values.

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