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Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development
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Sometimes it’s enough to surround ourselves with plants in the workplace to feel better. Living greenery has a great effect on us – it reduces stress, improves our well-being, helps our eyes relax, provides oxygen and makes the air that we breathe more friendly for our respiratory tracts. However, we need to take care of living plants to be able to fully benefit from their priceless company.

Similar is the case with our functioning at work. On the one hand, we would like to work in a friendly place where we return to with pleasure, on the other hand, we should perform the tasks entrusted with us in the way that ensures the best possible development of the unit that we are associated with.

This comparison inspired the floral graphic design of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development. The leaves emerging everywhere remind us that friendly workplace is a space that both the employer and the employee should take care of. The tools and solutions designed at ICSD can be helpful in this respect. It turns out that they are just like these metaphorical plants, as declares Dr. Małgorzata Chrupała-Pniak, work and organisation psychologist, Deputy Head of the HR and Internal Communication Department at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Element graficzny: linia z liśćmi

Grafika: punkt (motyw liści)   “Each solution that we develop in the Centre can be compared to a plant. We will give it to you, and you will decide if you want to take it, enjoy it and take care of it”
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