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Wydział Humanistyczny

Dr Matylda Sęk-Iwanek na międzynarodowej konferencji w Dublinie

04.07.2022 - 11:55 aktualizacja 18.07.2022 - 14:46
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Z przyjemnością informujemy, że dr Matylda Sęk-Iwanek z Instytutu Nauk o Kulturze wystąpiła na międzynarodowej konferencji z referatem „Responding to silence – Karoline Plewińska’s work”. The International Graphic Novel & Comics Conference 2022 odbyła się w Dublinie w dniach 29.06-1.07.2022 r.


Abstrakt referatu:

Comics just as all other art forms may well be an expression of rebellion against a hostile reality, a tool in the fight for justice, an instrument for education and study. In this presentation the comics of Polish artist Karolina Plewińska are the focus. Her works, published online, deal with physical and psychological violence against children women and LGBTQ+ persons. It often touches on mental health, depression, disorders. The artist recently revealed that she is neurodiverse and has Asperger’s syndrome.

Besides social activation, comic books also have an educative function. Karolina Plewińska’s comics are an important carrier of values and principles. They give voice back to weaker, less media influential groups and minorities. Their narrative seems to be unusually important in modern Poland especially considering current state of internal affairs, women rights debate and media censorship. Recently Karolina Plewińska utilized the Polish crowd-funding platform (I-support-it) to launch a billboard campaign protesting against violence against children “Don’t hit me mommy/daddy”. The billboards also featured a rainbow flag and thus were met with critique from conservative communities, which launched a counter-campaign.

The study analyses comics and the reception of comics as seen in comments in social media. Additionally the media feedback to Plewińska’s billboard campaign was examined, as well as its reception in the artist’s social media pages. The presentation is a case-study, dealing with a seminal issue on the Polish comics scene and arguably the only such case in the Polish comics community.

The International Graphic Novel & Comics Conference 2022

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