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Institute of Arts Studies | individual researchers


  • The semiotics of cultural texts. Contexts and interpretations.
  • Discourses of art. Universalism vs. locality.
  • Areas of artistic activity at the intersection of various arts.
  • Cultural heritage – industrial culture, culture of memory.

The Institute of Arts Studies researches artistic phenomena in Central Europe, and its particular focus is on Silesia. The Institute’s research concerns visual arts, history, and art theory, as well as music and musicology, drama, and film studies. Of particular importance for our research are industrial and post-industrial cultures and art, along with the issues of heritology. We analyse the place of art in industrial culture, the role and significance of novelty for artistic activities, and the influence of industrial development on the ways of shaping visual and sound art pieces. The Institute aims to become a leading research centre in this domain.

Musicological research covers the reception of sound art, its social and cultural contexts (the research is unique on a national scale in terms of investigating the overlapping fields of ​​musicology and the sociology of music), the communicative function of music, issues of musical audiences, and early and contemporary music.

The strategic priority of the Institute is the intensification of interdisciplinary research understood as a collaborative platform for researchers combining the experience of art, music, and film with related areas of study.

individual researchers

Aneta Borowik, PhD

contact: aneta.borowik@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Socialist realism. Studies and materials in the history of Polish architecture.

keywords: socialist realism, Polish architecture

Ewa Gębicka, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

contact: ewa.gebicka@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Polish and European audio-visual industry. History and the present time.

keywords: Polish audiovisual industry, European audiovisual industry

Aleksandra Giełdoń-Paszek, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

contact: aleksandra.gieldon-paszek@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Artistic works in the context of stylistic changes in art and socio-cultural factors.

keywords: art, stylistic changes, works of art

Jerzy Gorzelik, PhD

contact: jerzy.gorzelik@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
The role of art, heritage, and public rituals in shaping Upper Silesian identity since 1918.

keywords: sart, heritage, public rituals, Upper Silesia, identity shaping

Artur Kolbiarz, PhD

contact: artur.kolbiarz@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Baroque and Rococo sculpture in Silesia and its European contexts.

keywords: Baroque sculpture, Rococo sculpture, Silesia

Bogumiła Mika, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

contact: bogumila.mika@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Musical work as a cultural text. Between the meaning and reception.

keywords: musical work, meaning, reception, cultural text

Marta Ostrowska-Bies, PhD

contact: marta.ostrowska-bies@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Architecture in Silesia in the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

keywords: Silesia, architecture, 19th century, 20th century

Patryk Oczko, PhD

contact: patryk.oczko@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
The control system for the production of animated films for grown-ups produced by the Animated Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała in 1947-1989 – from self-censorship to preventive censorship.

keywords: Animated Film Studio, animated film, Bielsko-Biała, censorship, self-censorship

Oskar Rojewski, PhD

contact: oskar.rojewski@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
15th- and 16th-century court painting in the Habsburgs’ circle.

keywords: court painting, 15th century, 16th century, Habsburgs’ circle

Mirosława Sobczyńska-Szczepańska, PhD

contact: miroslawa.sobczynska-szczepanska@us.edu.pl

topic of the research taske
Painting in Central Europe in the 18th century.

keywords: painting, 18th century, Central Europe

Ryszard Solik, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

contact: ryszard.solik@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Between speech and silence. Hermeneutics of image.

keywords: art, classical artistic paradigm, interpretation, interpretative strategies, meaning, receptive resonance, interpretive communities

Karolina Tomczak, PhD

contact: karolina.tomczak@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

keywords: sculpture (Polish), Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław

Zenon Mojżysz, PhD

contact: zenon.mojzysz@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Protestant music in Upper Silesia in early modern period (16th-18th century) and its local and European context.

keywords: Protestant music, Upper Silesia, contexts, early modern period

Agata Stronciwilk, PhD

contact: agata.stronciwilk@us.edu.pl

topic of the research task
Avant-garde.  Anthropology, Anthropography.  (Auto)cannibalistic themes in art from the avant-garde to the present day.

keywords: avant-garde, anthropology, anthropography

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