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Winners of the first “Transform4Europe” Innovative Teaching Award announced

This year, Transform4Europe Alliance hosted its first Innovative Teaching Award for all Alliance members. The purpose of this award was to identify, acknowledge and recognize innovative teaching practices and to provide opportunities not only for sharing and exchanging best examples but also to encourage cooperation between the Higher Education Institutions of the Transform4Europe alliance. The applications...

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Deontological journalism in relation to the conflict in Ukraine – interview with Waldemar Sobera, PhD

Sensation or realism? Waldemar Sobera, PhD, whose research interests include crisis communication, political communication, public relations of public institutions, as well as internal security and crisis management, discusses the ethical problems faced by the journalists in the context of reporting events. Violetta Kulik: Journalists are a professional group that voluntarily exposes themselves to the legal...

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Forgiveness… – research conducted by Marcin Moroń, PhD

Recently, Marcin Moroń, PhD, has published an article entitled “Basic dimensions of religiousness and dispositional forgiveness: The mediating role of religiously-motivated forgiveness” in the Annals of Psychology scientific journal. In recent years, positive psychology has started putting strong emphasis on the role of the so-called character virtues, i.e. qualities that can foster a higher quality...

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Volunteers wanted! – caretaker of a refugee family

If you are a student, a doctoral student, or a university employee and you want to change someone’s life – come forward and become a volunteer/caretaker of a refugee family! The formula is to help them adapt to the realities of life in Poland by establishing relationships with specific refugees. This form of support is...

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Partnership and closeness „in times of plague” – interview with Dagna Kocur, PhD

We have another year ahead of us and another celebration of Valentine’s Day. We talk to Dagna Kocur, PhD, winner of the competition entitled “Freedom of research” under the Research Excellence Initiative.  Research project „Intergenerational transmission of attitudes towards showing feelings in a romantic relationship” concerns the intergenerational transmission of attitudes towards showing feelings in a...

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