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Research topic: Data analysis of the 9th ESS Round – social and demographic determinants of attitudes towards faith

Description: The aim of the appointed interdisciplinary team is to analyze the attitudes towards the faith of the inhabitants of Poland and Hungary. These two countries of Central and Eastern Europe were chosen because they were the first countries from the former communist bloc to sign concordats with the Holy See. For the purposes of the analyzes, it was assumed that age, education and place of permanent residence would be significant factors differentiating the religious attitudes of the inhabitants of both countries. The team used statistical data from Round 9 of the European Social Survey (ESS), compiled by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The analysis of data on attitudes towards faith allows us to predict whether and at what pace in the next decades of the 21st century in both countries the processes of secularization will progress.

Keywords: faith, religious, social and demographic determinants, Poland, Hungary,

Research team: Elżbieta Turska, Natalia Stępień-Lampa, Paweł Grzywna

Contact: elzbieta.turska@us.edu.pl

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