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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Art Therapy, 1st cycle studies

Art Therapy is an interdisciplinary and inter-university programme conducted as a result of cooperation between three universities based in Katowice: University of Silesia, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, and Academy of Music in Katowice.

Studies are carried out only full-time. Classes conducted at the three cooperating universities allow students to benefit from the excellent infrastructure of the schools co-developing the programme.

Graduates of the Art Therapy programme are equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge, social skills, and competencies drawn from three different areas of study: Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts. They possess knowledge and skills required to carry out artistic endeavours using means of aesthetic expression and workshop skills in the field of art. They are able to use the knowledge of Art Therapy methods including: visual arts therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, bibliotherapy, and drama therapy, and have the skills to apply therapeutically oriented artistic activities, whose essential elements are music, visual arts, drama, literature, dance, and embodied expression. They can incorporate afore-mentioned tools, creating original interdisciplinary art therapy projects in a social environment.

Graduates have the knowledge and fundamental psychotherapeutic competencies, know the principles of working with patients, pupils, and people living in residential homes during Art Therapy. They also posses basic knowledge in Special Education, Psychopathology, and Clinical Psychology, which allows them to conduct Art Therapy sessions responsibly and effectively when working with patients and people with disorders and dysfunctions.

Art Therapy programme prepares graduates to conduct artistic and therapeutic activity oriented towards people with disabilities of various origins, characteristics, and scope, people with social, emotional, psychological, and educational dysfunctions, who are in need of support. Graduates are thus prepared to perform work of a revalidative, rehabilitative or re-educative nature in hospital wards, health resorts, day-support centres, residential homes, occupational therapy workshops, community centres, and other institutions conducting Art Therapy, while respecting the differences and individual needs of patients and pupils.

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