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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Pedagogy: Early School Education and Pre-School Education, long-cycle studies

Pedagogy: Early School Education and Pre-School Education prepares graduates to operate independently, reflectively, critically, and creatively in the broadly defined field of early school education and pre-school education.

During the course of studies, students complete modules involving teacher training with accordance to the current provisions of the law, arranged into the following course blocks: Psychology, Pedagogy, Humanities and Social Sciences, General Education, Pedeutology, Media and Technology, Health, Design and Research, Introductory Courses, Polish Studies, Mathematics, Social and Environmental Courses, IT, Arts, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Courses, Praxeology: Pre-School Education, Praxeology: Early School Education, Foreign Language, Working with Children in Culturally Diverse Environment, Elective Classes, and Teaching Internships. The programme includes individualisation of the educational process, organisation of the educational environment, and transferring of comprehensive expertise and methodology, preparing students for active and innovative educational work with children, extensive training in activating and compensatory techniques in education, and other methods of stimulating children activity. The aim of the studies is to prepare students to become competent teachers in pre-schools and primary school teachers in grades 1 to 3, provide knowledge and practical skills in teaching children, and develop personal educational competencies.

Upon completion of the studies, graduates will be prepared to carry out tasks related to educational and developmental work in pre-schools and schools of various types and forms of organisation of children education (including public, local authority, and private schools), non-governmental organisations, cultural and educational institutions, educational institutions, out-of-school education institutions, educational and care-providing institutions, and also in other institutions of social life related to the education of children at the pre-school and early school age. Graduates will be prepared to work not only with young children, but also with their parents, and will be able to cooperate with local community to provide children with favourable conditions for development. Completing the programme entitles graduates to undertake postgraduate studies in teacher training, and acquire additional qualifications and competencies (e.g. managerial, therapeutic, subject teaching)

Employment prospects:

  • pre-school teachers, primary school teachers in grades 1 to 3, teachers in sanatorium and preventorium schools of the public and private education system, in companies specialising in care, upbringing, and education of children as well as all activities related to education and upbringing at preschool and early school levels;
  • caregivers for young children in children’s clubs and nurseries, childminders or nannies, which opens a wide range of employment opportunities for graduates in existing care centres, as well as new forms of care;
  • school counsellors, and educators in after school clubs and community centres, fully competent to independently organise education as part of their own entrepreneurial activity, and volunteer or charity work.

Information on qualifications: Studies in Pedagogy: Early School Education and Pre-School Education prepare to exercise the profession of a teacher.

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