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Pedagogy: Resocialisation Pedagogy with Social Prophylaxis, 2nd cycle studies

The goal of the studies is to broaden pedagogical knowledge of the graduates and to prepare them to undertake 3rd cycle (doctoral) studies, as well as to obtain theoretical foundations and skills for further self-education. As part of the major, the students have the opportunity to become acquainted with issues in the field of: psychology of social maladjustment, support and help for a family at risk, structure of preventive programmes, European and non-European resocialisation systems and elements of civil, labour, administrative and social law. The major allows the graduates of 1st cycle studies in this major to continue and complete their education. The graduates of 1st cycle studies in different majors have to compensate for the curriculum differences.

The studies prepare the graduates to work with minors as a part of probation service (family probation officers, streetworking pedagogues) and with adult offenders in closed institutions (penitentiary, detention centre) and as probation officers for adults. The study curriculum also includes information devoted to children and adolescents at risk of demoralisation and criminal derailment.

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