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Pedagogy: Revalidation Pedagogy, 2nd cycle studies

  • The goal of the studies is to broaden pedagogical knowledge of the graduates who also obtain theoretical foundations and skills for further self-education. This applies especially to the methodology of social research and MA seminar. The graduates also learn about contemporary problems of sociology and psychology, contemporary concepts of philosophy, ethics, and logic. The students are also prepared to build and expand their professional competences with the use of various sources of knowledge and modern technologies. They can work in a team (performing various roles, undertaking and delegating tasks), especially cooperate with other specialists. Graduates should also demonstrate the ability to perceive and independently solve scientific, educational and revalidation problems and have the ability to prepare publications in the field of their activity. They are also aware of the level of their knowledge and skills, understand the need for continuous professional training and personal development. The graduates are prepared to undertake doctoral studies.

The graduates of the major receive a Master’s degree in pedagogy. After completing the studies, the students have an advanced, as compared to 1st cycle studies:

  • level of knowledge about stages of human development in terms of biological, psychological and social aspects, expanded to include the issues concerning people with special educational needs;
  • level of development of the ability to recognise, analyse, interpret and solve educational, revalidation and resocialisation problems;
  • preparation for the comprehensive implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic, teaching, educational and protective tasks of the school, including independent preparation and adaptation of the curriculum to the needs and capabilities of students with special educational needs, planning, conducting and evaluating therapeutic and revalidation work;
  • level of knowledge and skills enabling multidisciplinary stimulation of the development of people with special educational needs, inspiring continuous learning and supporting their independence in setting life goals.

The major allows the graduates of 1st cycle studies in this major to continue and complete their education. The graduates of 1st cycle studies in different majors have to compensate for the curriculum differences.

The students obtain professional and teaching qualifications to carry out classes in the field of: individual revalidation, pedagogical therapy, corrective and compensatory work. It also prepares employees of family, labour and social policy institutions (occupational therapy workshops, nursing homes, day-care centres and other institutions oriented towards social care and rehabilitation of people with hearing disabilities), as well as third sector organisations specialised in providing help and support for people with disabilities.

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