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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Pedagogy, 1st cycle studies

Available majors:

  • Social Rehabilitation and Treatment in Prison
  • Care-Educational Pedagogy and Pedagogical Therapy

Information on the programme and available majors:

1st cycle studies in Pedagogy are the first step of special education teacher training in a chosen major. Studies provide qualifications required to find employment in educational institutions (e.g. schools, youth educational centres, psychological and pedagogical counselling centres – both majors), family, work, and social policy sector (e.g. as teachers in children’s homes, family assistants in Social Welfare Centres – both majors) and criminal justice sector (e.g. in youth detention centres, juvenile shelters, penal institutions – Social Rehabilitation and Treatment in Prison). Students acquire knowledge and skills in sociology, psychology, and most importantly, in various subfields of pedagogy, which gives them an opportunity to find employment as teachers, diagnosticians, carers, therapists in boarding schools, care and education centres providing services to various groups of people (students, residents, patients and residents of various centres, convicts).

Care-Educational Pedagogy and Pedagogical Therapy:

The major is designed to prepare students to, among other things, evaluate education and care situations, use various methods of care, educational, and corrective and compensatory work, perform specialised and preventative activities, including support for children, students, their families, carers, and teachers working with children from groups at risk of specific learning disabilities and students with such disabilities. The studies prepare to recognise individual needs of pupils, analyse causes of difficulties in school and family environments, and equip students with a wide range of possible approaches used in classrooms, education groups, and individual practice.

Social Rehabilitation and Treatment in Prison:

Students during the course of the studies become familiar with scientific achievements in Social Rehabilitation, its various areas (starting with diagnosis of social maladjustment, and psychological and pedagogical support in schools and other early intervention centres, through teaching methods and rehabilitative programmes in an open and closed environment, up to family work), and contemporary issues in the field of social pathology (suicides, alcoholism, etc.) including juvenile and adult crime. The curriculum includes content from juvenile law and enforcement of criminal sanctions. In addition, students learn various forms of care, education, therapy, and social support of people both in early stages of social pathology (crime and demoralisation prevention), and in further stages (institutional rehabilitation and follow-up care after release).

Information on qualifications:

1st cycle studies in Pedagogy are the first step of special education teacher training in a chosen major, therefore it is required to continue and complete 2nd cycle studies in the chosen major to obtain full qualifications.

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