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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Social Sciences
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Urban Policies and Public Counselling, 2nd cycle studies

Urban Policies and Public Counselling programme includes an interdisciplinary curriculum in social sciences (disciplines: sociology, political science and public administration), tailored to the needs of the labour market, economy, and society. The programme combines academic knowledge in the fields of politics, sociology, and public policy with practical classes in designing and analysing public policies, with a particular focus on urban policies. It is also oriented towards the promotion and implementation of pro-social activities. The programme prepares students for employment in the field of politics and various urban and metropolitan initiatives. Classes provide specialised knowledge in particular fields of urban, regional, and public policy, and allow students to build personal and professional relationships with people and institutions, which will help students start their professional careers after graduating.

Graduates are prepared for employment in all types of institutions of social life, and especially in those which are related to city’s functioning, in particular: public administration institutions, local government bodies (commune offices and district offices), cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, regional development agencies, spatial management and regional development companies, and public opinion research centres. Graduates can find employment as specialists/advisors in creating local and regional development programmes and pubic initiative projects. In addition, graduates are prepared for employment in public institutions, parliamentary offices, political organisations, local government units, especially in terms of planning and implementing social and political campaigns and planning media campaigns. They can also find employment in public relation agencies, as well as pursue careers as spokespersons, public opinion analysts, political image consultants, election committee managers and staff members.

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