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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Human Resource Management, 1st cycle studies

The Programme Catalogue is available at: https://informator.us.edu.pl/kierunki/06-S1ZL15.2015/1

The programme aims to develop students’ knowledge, competencies, skills, and attitudes necessary to fulfil the role of a specialist in human resource management in three economy sectors: business companies, public administration organisations, and social economy entities.

Human Resource Management provides a management perspective incorporating a variety of approaches, methods, and techniques to effectively use the potential at individual, group, and organisational levels.

The main goal of the programme is to provide students with knowledge of human resource management in relation to organisations and teams, equip them with social skills and competencies that are necessary to effectively use the instruments of human resource management and solve social, economic, financial, psychological, legal problems in the areas of human resource management and interpersonal communication. Issues including: knowledge of human resource management standards and the personnel function in organisations, and the acquisition, development, appraisal, and motivation of employees are an important part of the curriculum. The programme includes organisational, inter-organisational, and team connections and relations that require relational competence, so it especially aims to develop students’ sensitivity to the relational aspects of management, to develop their ability to understand them, as well as to solve them efficiently. Such aspects vary in their character: psychosocial, organisational, communicative, legal, technological. Understanding them will allow students to master skills necessary to define personnel policy, set strategies, run an administrative human resource department, create working conditions conducive to human well-being and efficiency.

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