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VINCI – Dive into science | Over 700 thousand PLN. for the project of the Interdisciplinary International Silesian Summer School

30.04.2021 - 17:30 update 30.03.2022 - 11:08
Editors: jp
Tags: Nawa, Spinaker, summer school, szkoła letnia

We are pleased to announce that the project VINCI Dive into Science – Interdisciplinary International Silesian Summer School received funding for PLN 700,980.00 as part of the first edition NAWA SPINAKER program – intensive international education programs.

The project will be realized in the period from 01/11/2021 to 31/08/2023.

The project manager will be Assoc. Prof. Seweryn Kowalski – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology for Research and International Cooperation

The project mainly assumes the organizing of an international summer school dedicated to the best worldwide students. The choice of support results from the popularity of the so-called short-term programs, including summer schools and other educational programs lasting from 2 to 8 weeks.

The Interdisciplinary International Silesian Summer School is an intensive 3-week program including:

  • basic classes modules,
  • projects carried out by students under specialist workshops involving the participation of students in scientific research;
  • lectures by renowned foreign lecturers;
  • seminars;
  • activities promoting Polish culture as well as educational and scientific opportunities;
  • integration and socializing events

Students from EU and non-EU countries who have completed at least 1 year of studies in first-cycle studies or are in the process of second-cycle studies (computer science or chemical sciences or physical sciences or materials engineering) can apply to the VINCI school.

Each of the 40 participants of the School will receive a scholarship of PLN 5,000.00.

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