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Our stories | Cagri Goksu Ustundag

01.06.2021 - 14:40 update 01.06.2021 - 14:40
Editors: MK
Tags: erasmus+, students

CAGRI GOKSU USTUNDAGCagri Goksu Ustundag | Luxembourg
Photo from the archive of Cagri Goksu Ustundag

In 2012, I attended the University of Silesia in Katowice, Computer Science program as an Erasmus exchange student from Gazi University, Turkey for the winter semester. From the moment I joined the University of Silesia, I started to gain great experiences.

Specifically, the international office of the university was greatly helpful. I could manage everything easily with their help, such as accommodation, registration, etc.

I was so pleased about the education program, and the most important thing, the students were actively involved in the lectures. The lectures were highly interactive. The approach of the educators was very kind, and they were encouraging us to express our ideas openly to discuss. I came to the University of Silesia with valuable knowledge, however, the distinctive experience that I gained as an exchange student was quite decisive for my future aspirations. The international environment of the university and its up-to-date curriculum using new technologies expanded my perspective and opened great opportunities in my career pathway. Thanks to this knowledge and experience, I was more confident than before.

Besides education and the university, the country itself is magnificent. Poland is one of the best European countries for international students. It’s a dynamic country with a rich history and affordable living costs for students. Contrary to the weather conditions in my home-town, winters in Poland are quite cold. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to enjoy spectacular landscapes under the snow and there are many fantastic places in all cities to travel to.

When being away from home, the friendship becomes very essential. My Polish friends from the dormitory and classes were so welcoming and warm, I never felt alone or stranger. Many years have passed, but our memories and friendships are still alive. Poland has earned a special place in my life, and I would consider every opportunity to go back there again.

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