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Our stories | Sibel Gülmez

01.06.2021 - 14:31 update 01.06.2021 - 14:34
Editors: MK
Tags: erasmus+, students

Sibel Gülmez

Sibel Gülmez | Turkey
Photo from the archive of Sibel Gülmez

First of all, Erasmus itself was a great experience for me. It was so inspiring to meet people from different cultures. And in my opinion Poland is one of the best places to go with Erasmus program. Even though the weather is a bit cold (especially for the ones who are coming from Turkey, Spain etc.) the people are so kind and warm-blooded.

The university’s accommodation facilities was quiet good and the daily life wasn’t expensive in Poland. The teachers were so polite, i learned a lot from them. The laboratories were equipped enough.

To summarize, my time in Poland teached me to many things. I got a chance to understand what kind of career i want, thanks to my teachers in there. I even had a chance to learn Polish a little. Also i visited too many cities in and out of Poland, the city’s location is good for travelling. I still have friends and even teachers in contact from Poland and am chasing and opportunity to go there again.

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