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Prof. Janusz Gluza represents Poland at ECFA panel

06.10.2021 - 08:04 update 08.11.2021 - 12:38
Editors: jp

prof. dr hab. Janusz Gluza
Janusz Gluza, Professor

We are pleased to inform you that Prof. Janusz Gluza from the Institute of Physics of the University of Silesia has been appointed to represent Poland at the ECFA (European Committee for Future Accelerators) plenary session. This nomination is an expression of appreciation for the output of particle physicists at our Institute.

ECFA Forum appoints its members for the maximum period of six years following the nomination in particular CERN member states. The selected members represent the position of the community of high energy physics in their country. ECFA plenary session approved the reports of working groups, decides about accepting new observers (CERN member states) and issues recommendations for external organisations.

Detailed information about the ECFA activities can be found at: https://ecfa.web.cern.ch/

Congratulations to the Professor!

Prof. Janusz Gluza specialises in neutrino physics, models of non-standard elementary interactions, low energy physics and precise perturbation calculations within the Standard Model.

Recommended reading: Professor Gluza’s CERN story – https://us.edu.pl/wydzial/wnst/…janusz-gluza/

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