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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Science and Technology
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Materials science and engineering

Materials science and engineering is distinguished by an interdisciplinary approach. Its exact research area is the analysis of the influence of the chemical and physical structure of materials on their electrical, mechanical, optical, surface, chemical, magnetic and thermal properties, as well as on various combinations of these properties. Studies are conducted in Polish and English.

As part of the first cycle studies, students can choose majors in biomaterials or materials science.

Studies are conducted in Polish and English.

The second cycle studies are conducted in the majors of Materials Science, Biomaterials, Functional Materials, Material Recycling and Quality Control of Materials and Products.

The graduate, regardless of major, has extensive knowledge and skills in the field of team management in research and industrial activities, operation of IT systems and computer aided engineering work systems, selection of materials and technologies for the production and processing of materials.


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