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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Science and Technology
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Chemical Technology - full-time, first-cycle studies

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A degree programme that provokes a reaction!

Studying Chemical Technology at the University of Silesia will provide you with in-depth knowledge of:

  • chemistry,
  • chemical technology,
  • environmental protection,
  • quality control,
  • chemical emergency response.

You will accumulate knowledge during fascinating specialised lectures. But what is theory without practice…? In our laboratories, you will develop extraordinary skills to use in your profitable future career.

Most of all, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your interests. We offer such majors as Inorganic and Organic Technology as well as Green Chemistry and Clean Technologies.

Effective design and control of chemical processes on an industrial scale? It will be a piece of cake for you! Study at the University of Silesia and see for yourself!


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(the application process starts on June 1)

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