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Zapraszamy na wykłady profesorów wizytujących w semestrze zimowym 2022/2023

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Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w wykładach profesorów wizytujących, którzy w semestrze zimowym 2022/2023 poprowadzą stacjonarne zajęcia w języku angielskim dla naszych studentów.

W bieżącym semestrze będą gościć na WPiA:

       8-19 maja 2023: Special Course:  „Introduction to International Law”

This special short course, Introduction to International Law, will instruct the students on the basic principles and sources of this ever so important subject today as the international community struggles to accommodate military, political, and legal conflict not known is recent years.  The course will examine the nature of Public International Law – What is it? Who creates it?  Is it effective?  How and when is it enforced?  What are its dispute settlement processes?  How does it respond to new crises?

The course explores the institutions and legal instruments that form the basis for the fundamental principles of international law, including customary international law working in concert with the most important conventions to which most nations have agreed to be bound, as well as the interpretation and enforcement of treaties. The course will examine the basics of the United Nations Charter, its historic principles, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, international humanitarian law, war crimes, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and more.

The course will especially probe challenges posed to the international order by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an ascendant China, a    Middle East and Africa in turmoil, as well as the changing collaboration of typical Western nations.

The course will employ the Team Based Learning approach by engaging students to work together in small groups throughout the course to research and assemble frameworks for examination of the fundamental questions posed today.  The students will work together and then „teach” the class basic approaches and recommended courses of reaction to the key issues today.

Zgłoszenia chęci uczestnictwa w zajęciach proszę przesyłać na adres:

Jeden z wykładów Profesora można obejrzeć w serwisie YT:

  • Prof. Agnieszka McPeak (Gonzaga University, Stany Zjednoczone)

1-22 grudnia 2022: „Artificial Intelligence, Business, Law, and Policy”

This course will explore the business, technology, and law of artificial intelligence through an international lens, with a series of case studies that examine both current legal and regulatory approaches in the US and abroad – along with the normative frameworks that can improve and clarify the best approach to disruptive AI technology. Specific industry case studies, like the legal profession, driverless cars, and AI tools in hiring and employment, will be examined. Further, the impact of AI in the private sector on individual and collective rights, including social justice and international human rights, will also be explored.

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