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Faculty of Law and Administration
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Labour Law and Social Policy Research Team Labour Law and Social Policy Research Team

Labour Law and Social Policy Research Team – The purpose of the Team’s activities is to comprehensively analyze various forms of work – both employment and under civil and administrative law. In addition to exploring the basis of employment itself, Team members also study regulations common to various employment relationships (including freedoms and rights of a collective nature, social insurance, protection of personal rights, and protection against discrimination). Composition of the Research Team: dr Michał Barański (leader), dr hab. Łukasz Pisarczyk (prof. UŚ), dr Iwona Gredka-Ligarska, dr Agnieszka Huras, dr Błażej Mądrzycki, dr Urszula Torbus, mgr Łukasz Chruściel, mgr Magdalena Stryja.

Research Team on European and Polish Private International L(...) Research Team on European and Polish Private International Law

Research Team on European and Polish Private International Law – Research Team: dr hab. Maria Anna de Abgaro Zachariasiewicz, prof. UŚ
dr Agata Kozioł
dr hab. Witold Kurowski, prof. UŚ
mgr Monika Michońska
mgr Magdalena Sobas
dr hab. Maciej Szpunar, prof. UŚ
dr hab. Grzegorz Żmij, prof. UŚ, dr hab. Monika Jagielska prof. UŚ (leader)

Constitutional rights in the digital world Constitutional rights in the digital world

The research team Constitutional rights in the digital world was established to conduct joint research on the impact of new technologies on the constitutional position of the individuals. We want to look at technological solutions of the cyber age, starting with computers, the Internet and digital communication and ending with cloud computing, artificial intelligence systems and virtual reality from the perspective of the challenges they bring to the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms. It is about the relationship between individuals and the state (vertical approach) and with private entities operating in the field of new technologies (horizontal approach). We are particularly interested in the right to privacy and the right to personal data protection.

The members of the team are Mariusz Jagielski (leader), Sylwia Giza, Maciej Niezgoda and Wojciech Panek.

Currently, the team is conducting research on the following issues:
1. personal data processing as a challenge for constitutional law (Mariusz Jagielski);
2. protection of privacy on the Internet, with particular emphasis on tracking and collecting information about consumers (Sylwia Giza);
3. artificial intelligence systems and their impact on users’ fundamental rights (Maciej Niezgoda)
4. international transfer of personal data and the rights and freedoms of data subjects, with particular emphasis on transferring data to countries that do not guarantee European human rights standards (Wojciech Panek).

Law & Values Law & Values

The team conducts research on law and values. The subject of research by its members includes broadly understood philosophical and theoretical problems of jurisprudence. The conducted research concerns the axiological foundations of legal systems and processes of valuing in the application of law, including legal argumentation. In particular, the team addresses issues of fairness and justice, as well as legal principles and their balancing. In this context, the team members address the topic of freedom of speech, its limits concerning hate speech, as well as the admissibility of legislative interference in the sphere of rights and civil liberties. The team also addresses issues related to the ethical problems of law. Research is also conducted in a historical-legal context, particularly concerning Polish legal theory and philosophy during the interwar period (including L. Petrażycki and Sz. Rundstein). Composition of the Research Team: dr hab. Sławomir Tkacz/ Prof. UŚ, leader; dr hab. Aleksandra Wentkowska/ Prof. UŚ, mgr Sara Smyczek – Gołębiewska.

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