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IP Campus 2023

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We are pleased to invite you to attend this year’s IP Campus event which will take place in a hybrid format from 24-28 April 2023 at lunchtime. You are more than welcome to share this information with the rest of your colleagues at your University and your current students.


You will be able to participate by attending the presentations you are interested in online via Zoom. Kindly find below the link to connect:


Please be informed that this year’s IP Campus includes the following activities:


  1. Presentations of the trainees: As in previous years, our trainees have been asked to work in teams and to prepare presentations on a wide range of cutting-edge IP-related topics using an innovative format. They will be judged primarily on content, originality and inventiveness. As a result, the best presentation will receive an award. The award ceremony will take place on Friday 28 April, and the winning team will be announced!


24 April
12:00 to 14:00
–       IP and virtual assistants

–       IP and mobile apps

–       IP and toys

25 April
12:00 to 13:40
–       IP and cybersecurity

–       IP and museums, galleries and exhibitions,

–       Copyright music infringement within streaming platforms


  1. European Commission Webinar (streamed in the EUIPO Auditorium or on-line by registering here ): EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2023


    • 26 April, from 09:00 to 9:30: “New code of practice on intellectual assets management
    • 27 April, from 09:00 to 9:30: “New code of practice on standardisation in the European Research Area


  1. Academic Panels “IP Talks”: Various academic, professionals and practitioners coming from the EUIPO Academic Community will present and participate in a round-table discussion on each of the 6 IP Campus topics, from a more general and academic perspective.


26 April
10:00 to 13:10
–       Toys, Counterfeiting and IP Protection

–       Protecting Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions with IP

–       Cybersecurity, Phishing Attacks and IP Enforcement

27 April
10:00 to 13:10
–       Virtual Assistants, Generative AI and IP

–       Music Infringement on Online Streaming Platforms and the CDSM

–       Mobile Apps and IP Protection


  1. IP Campus Award Ceremony: 28 April at 12:30


Please find here and attached the agenda, which contains further details of the event.

Thank you very much in advance, and we look forward to seeing you at the 2023 IP Campus!

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